Tips for Winterizing Your Roof

Winter is one of the most magical times of the year. But, with holidays on the horizon and cozy fires to snuggle up to, it’s almost easy to forget how rough winter can be on your home! Even if you don’t necessarily live in an area with excess or high snowfall, the moisture and cold will still affect your roof.

The buildup of frozen or extremely cold moisture could lead to rotting or damage that requires heavy repairs or a replacement; worst case scenario, it leads to a collapse! Mitigation of damage starts with the homeowner, so here are a few tips from your local roofing company to aid in winterizing your roof.

Keeping Your Roof Winter-Ready

It’s crucial to get your home ready before the cold and damp winter hits, even if you have a sturdy heating and cooling system. Prepping for winter should cover your whole house, but especially your roof.

1. Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most basic pieces of advice we can give, as your gutters are one of the most critical parts of directing water away from your home. If they get clogged or covered in debris, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to rot out the edges of your roof or water begins pooling.

Clogged or frozen gutters can cause damage to your attic, foundation, and the general structural integrity of your home. Your yard and home will suffer if your gutters aren’t cleaned out regularly, though this should be something you do throughout the year, not just before winter.

2. Remove or Trim Surrounding Hazards

Removing overhanging branches or trimming surrounding trees is something every homeowner should do when bad weather seasons come around, especially before winter. Keeping things about three feet away from your roof is the general rule most homeowners are advised to follow, lessening the risk that errant branches snap off during heavy rain or snowfall and damage anything. 

3. Visually Inspect for Present Damage

From pests to warping shingles, giving your roof a lookover from ground level with a keen eye can help you see any surface issues. Going into your attic and inspecting there is helpful, too, especially when you need to be on the lookout for pest damage such as termites or bats. Check your chimneys and ensure your roof is ready for snow removal. 

Having a roofing company do these inspections can help if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, though some damage will be relatively obvious.

4. Check Your Insulation

When you travel into your attic to inspect for any pests or other forms of damage, it would be a good idea to check the status of your insulation. Insulation in your attic is critical to keeping your heating bill low, so the warmth stays isolated in your home. 

Heat rises, meaning it will go straight up toward your attic while warming your home. If you’ve seen houses after a fresh snowfall that has the buildup melted off the roof within a few hours, that’s a sign that the insulation isn’t doing its job.

5. Get Necessary Repairs Done

Having all repairs done before winter hits is always wise, ensuring no room for leaks once the wet weather rolls in. In addition, having a trusted roofing company come out to inspect can give them the oversight to do your repairs quickly and efficiently.

Keeping weak spots on your roof from further damage is best taken out by fixing them beforehand.

Getting Your Roof the Care It Needs

We hope some of these tips can help your winter preparation efforts and help you keep your home warm and dry for this upcoming winter season.

At Arrow Roofing, we understand that your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home! It’s your first defense against the harshness of winter, and we want to help you keep it in tip-top shape. If you’re interested in having any repairs performed before winter comes along, we can come out and give it a lookover.

Get in touch with the experts at Arrow Roofing for more information, or book your free inspection today!