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Attic Ventilation

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Professional Attic Ventilation Services

At Arrow Roofing, we understand the importance of proper ventilation in your home — which is why we offer professional attic ventilation services. Having the right amount of ventilation in your attic can positively affect the lifespan of your roof system, the comfort and well-being of your family, your future costs for home repairs, and how much you pay for heating and cooling.

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Why Proper Attic Ventilation is Important For Your Home

Attic ventilation serves a variety of purposes for your air quality, health, and home — especially your roof. It protects your roof and attic from water damage, ensures proper air circulation, keeps the fresh air in, and lets moisture out.

Support Air Flow 

Attic ventilation ensures that you have good air circulation. It supports airflow, meaning that it helps let fresh air into your home while ensuring any moisture or hot air is let out. After all, keeping that moisture inside can result in mold and water damage to your roof.

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Eliminate Moisture

The risk of water damage doesn’t begin and end in the summer. In the winter, moisture is just as big of an issue, considering you use running water for cooking, laundry, and bathing. All of these activities that use a large volume of water create moisture in your home. This is why it’s essential to have sufficient attic ventilation — it lets this moisture escape your home. Without proper circulation, the moisture brought on by water use can collect more and more water vapor and moisture in your attic space. We’re pretty sure you don’t want to be dealing with mold or wood rot.

Extend Roof Life

Attic ventilation helps to keep your attic cool which, as an extension, helps your roof last longer. It helps you stay clear of any issues under or on top of your roof.

Keep Your Home Efficient With Arrow Roofing

Considering your attic ventilation has such an impact on your home’s air, structure, and durability, it’s essential to make sure that it’s sufficient — if you have poor air circulation, you are putting your house, health, and roof at risk.