Pros and Cons of DIY Roof Repairs

Roof maintenance is vital for many reasons, but the most obvious is safety. Not only does a decaying roof increase the chances of an accident for those walking under it, but it also increases your risk of being exposed to leaks and water damage, which can have disastrous consequences. If you live in a home with a flat roof, you might be at particular risk, as these types of roofs are more likely to develop leaks. The resulting water damage could cause mold and mildew to grow, which can be very dangerous to one’s health.

Should you pay a roofing company to replace your roof or do it yourself? It’s a question that comes up often, and the first thing to remember is that both options are entirely viable. Of course, each has pros and cons, but the best way to decide which approach is right for you depends on your situation.

DIY or Handyman Roof Repairs

Some people may think they have the skills to take on a roofing project, especially if they aren’t afraid of heights and have some experience with home repairs. While there’s nothing wrong with having confidence in your abilities, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at the big picture before making any significant home investments–including fixing the roof yourself. You might have considered repairing your roof yourself or hiring a handyman–maybe someone you know has experience or is an avid DIY YouTube user. 

There are a few pros to this, such as:

  • Saving money on labor costs
  • Quicker turnover time, depending on the size of your home
  • More convenient than waiting for availability

Unfortunately, the cons are more significant in the long run since they may cost you more money if something goes wrong:

  • It’s dangerous–falling off your roof could mean a trip to the hospital or even deadly consequences 
  • There’s a risk of it being done incorrectly or poorly, meaning leaks and weather could be a problem that requires a professional 
  • If there is an issue in the future, there’s no insurance to cover the cost of repairs or damage

Why It Matters

Sometimes, it’s better to leave roof repairs to a professional. You may need to gain the knowledge or equipment necessary for an effective repair, and your efforts could lead to further problems. For example, when trying to repair a flat roof, you need to remove the surface layer of asphalt and then replace it with a new layer of waterproofing material. If you don’t perform this process correctly, you can find yourself with leaks that are difficult to trace. 

A professional will also be able to access your roof more efficiently, which can make the difference between doing a patchwork repair and a total replacement. For instance, if you’ve found rust or rot on an existing shingle roof, the damage can run deeper than you’d expect, making significant repairs impractical for DIY enthusiasts.

When it comes to your roof, there are many things you don’t want to trust to do yourself or a handyman. Even if you’re good at handling heights and have the proper safety equipment, the weight of the tools and materials can increase the risk of injury. Beyond that, there are plenty of risks associated with working on your roof that you might not even think about unless you’ve had an experience with it.

Licensed Roofing Companies

With all of these factors in mind, there’s really no contest between hiring a skilled professional and taking on the project yourself. There may be a few pros, but the risks outweigh them by a mile.

At Arrow Roofing, we save you time and money when you need either repair or replacement for your roof. Our roofers are expertly trained in every aspect of caring for your roof, from installing new shingles and gutters to repairing damaged ones or finding major structural issues and letting you know. We’re a licensed and insured roofing company that knows the ins and outs of various types of roofing; we can make it easier than ever to do the job affordably without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

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