How to Safely Clear Snow From Your Roof

Removing snow off of your roof is not a small feat, even when your house may not be that big. Unfortunately, many things could go wrong, from you falling off the roof to improper handling shearing loose shingles off your roof. Therefore, it’s essential to practice safe snow removal anywhere, especially when you’re several feet above the ground! In this article, we will go over how to safely clear snow from your roof.

Preparing Yourself First

This may seem obvious, but wearing warm clothes and stretching or warming up beforehand could mean the difference between an easy snow removal up top and a cramp in your leg that debilitates you. The snow is cold, and sometimes even warm clothes aren’t enough to keep your muscles from stiffening up in freezing temperatures. 

Doing a small jog in place to hype up your muscles and loosen your joints with some stretching will prep you for all the heavy work of removing pounds of snow from your roof. Snow is heavy, especially when it’s been building up, and even without buildup, you’ll be pushing piles of it to the edge of your roof. So you’ll want your physical condition to remain sturdy while you’re up there!

Wear boots with good grooves on the soles, so you don’t slip, a hat to protect your ears, and maybe a pair of gloves with grippy parts on your palm and fingers.

Use the Right Tools

Do not use metal scrapers or shovels, as these tools are highly likely to damage your shingles or even shear some off if you use just a bit too much force. However, there are plenty of tools out there that you can use to safely clear snow from your roof without damaging the materials. This will end up saving you a ton of headaches and money since a roof repair, re-roofing job, or whole replacement are what you want to avoid. That’s one of the significant reasons for clearing the snow on your roof to begin with!

It’s safer and faster to use tools specifically designed for clearing snow safely and effectively, and you’re guaranteed to get more than one use out of most of them.

Don’t Do the Job Solo

Have someone else down below to watch out for you, whether it’s to hold the ladder still, move anything out of the way that you’re about to push snow onto, or simply be there in case of an accident.

Use All Precautions You Can

If you can help it, try to work from the ground. There are plenty of long-reaching tools you can use to get the majority of snow off your roof from the safety of your yard. 

However, working from your roof may be unavoidable if your house is particularly tall or has a unique shape. When figuring out how to safely clear snow from your roof up on your roof, it may be wise to invest in a harness that you can latch onto your roof and yourself; it could save your life! If roofers use them, you should too.

In addition, establishing a parameter where you know exactly where the snow will fall when you push it off can help you move any objects out of the way. This will ensure you don’t damage anything in your yard. 

And finally, always check the weather. If it’s too warm when you go to clear the snow, there may be slush or ice that makes things more slippery; if it’s freezing and windy, you could be blown off the roof or have low visibility. So choose a day that is not one extreme or the other.

Never Neglect Safety in Any Job

We hope these tips on how to safely clear snow from your roof give you insight on how to get the job done efficiently and carefully. Snow can be hard on your roof, and preventing excess moisture or sagging is always something a homeowner wants to be prepared to do. 
If you notice any damage to your roof while you’re safely clearing away snow, be sure to call your friendly neighborhood roofing experts to have an inspection done. Stay safe and warm out there!