A Homeowner’s Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Roof

We, as homeowners, frequently forget to do regular maintenance to our own roof, whether we’re distracted by yard work as the bad weather clears or there seem to be more pressing matters at hand. However, even a superficial check of your roof can help you identify problem areas that could turn into leaks or damage later on, so it’s worth the hassle!

Whether you want to simply clear off some leaves or you’re considering installing solar panels, there are a few things you can do to keep your roof lasting longer between needing help from a professional roofing company.

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Roof

1.Clean Off Any Debris

This one is relatively obvious. Taking a rake or leaf blower to remove any other debris you might have up there is great for exposing any weak spots, removing any dangerous broken branches from trees nearby, and unearthing possible mold or mildew spots. Letting this debris stay where they are and continue to remain damp or covering over problem areas will lead to further damage and may force you to have to replace your roof sooner than would’ve been necessary if it had been cleaned it up promptly.

2.Investigate Loose or Broken Shingles

Snow, ice, hail, and wind are all very hard on the roof of your home. It is the first line of defense against the elements, so it takes quite the beating during storming seasons. When you’re up on your roof clearing away muck and debris, look for any curling, cracked, or moss-covered shingles that may need repairs. Disintegrating shingles means future trouble for your home that’s more costly in the long run.

3.Give it a Good Washing

Mold and mildew may have started growing under layers of wet leaves or debris, and this particular issue is troublesome because it poses a health threat to you and your family. Giving any areas where you notice discoloration or mold spots a good scrubbing could save your attic from growing these harmful growths.

4.Examine the Flashing & Chimney

Check the layer of flashing for exposure from broken or missing shingles; always look around where your roof meets your chimney to ensure there aren’t any holes or peeling layers that could let in water or insects. The last thing you want is leaking or a pest infestation!

If you know what to look for, these issues are minor and relatively easy to fix on your own. However, if things seem to be pulling apart but you don’t know what to do about it, calling a professional is the best way to nip it in the bud.

5.Inspect & Clean Out Your Gutters

Your gutters may have blockages, insect nests, or even disintegrating shingles lining their frames. Cleaning these ensures your home doesn’t sustain any water damage and can effectively redirect any rain away from your home and roof.

If you see an excess of granules from your roof in your gutter spouts, try to trace it back to the problem area. Likewise, if your shingles seem thinner from losing their material layers, you may need to call a professional to replace the ones that aren’t fit to stay on your roof anymore.

6.Check Inside Your Attic

Moving from the outside of your home inspection to the inside, it’s critical to get into your attic to look at the underbelly. If you see the light from outside shining in through holes or if you notice any damp areas, growing mold, pest infestations, or even leaking, it’s essential to call a professional as soon as possible.

Many of these problems could turn into significant and costly issues in the future, and you want to keep the structural integrity of your home intact.

Trusting a Licensed Roofer to Help Out

If this all sounds like a lot to contend with, we get it. At Arrow Roofing, we can help with your roof maintenance in the Prescott, AZ, area, bringing a professionally trained eye into the picture to look for storm damage and assess whether or not you need any repairs. If there are too many serious issues, we may suggest a re-roofing or roof replacement job, but simple repairs will do just fine most of the time. In the event your home has significant storm damage, you may be able to get a repair or replacement at little to no cost to you! In addition, we work with insurance companies to ensure you have your roof intact as soon as possible.

Many homeowners are old hats at the do-it-yourself lifestyle, which is why we offer these tips for the go-getters who can get it done without immediately needing a professional to step in. Of course, we will always provide free roof inspections to those who want to be extra sure, but simple maintenance can mitigate the need for costly roofing repairs.

To learn more about what we do here at Arrow Roofing, check out the rest of our website or drop us a line. We always love hearing from fellow homeowners here in Arizona!